Types of ‘invisible’ braces

September 20th, 2018

Dental braces are commonly used to align and straighten teeth or position them to improve a person’s ‘bite’. Though traditional metal-wired braces are still widely used, there are now a range of alternatives that offer a less obtrusive solution.

Lingual braces

The only truly ‘invisible’ option is lingual braces. These are custom-made braces fitted to the inside of the teeth. Seen as the ‘gold standard’ treatment, lingual braces are appropriate to address any orthodontic problem.


Clear aligners

Removable clear aligners are used to gradually move teeth in 0.2mm increments. These aligners are changed every 1-2 weeks with each replacement moving the teeth gradually until they reach the final, desired position. The market-leading system is Invisalign which is continually proving to succeed in increasingly complex situations.


Clear conventional braces

A less conspicuous alternative to standard metal braces but that still produces very good results are clear conventional braces. As the name suggests, these are transparent braces, made from ceramic, that are fitted to the outside of the teeth. All orthodontic problems can be treated with this appliance at an affordable price. This is a popular option for both adults and teenagers.


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