Air polishing

Air polishing is a fabulous way to effortlessly clean away stubborn superficial staining of the teeth. Stains may be caused by tea and coffee, red wine, smoking or certain foods.

The benefits of air polishing

Normally we use a polishing paste which works really well for most staining. Sometimes though discolouration is in the gaps between the teeth which is so much harder to reach, or in the rougher pits and grooves in the surfaces of teeth. In these circumstances, normal polishing won’t work, but air polishing removes the staining quickly and easily.

The Aquacare system

At Coppice View Dental Care we use the Aquacare system. This combines air, vanilla-flavoured water and a powder to effortlessly wash away staining. We can also use an aluminium oxide powder to prepare or clean small cavities, without the need for a traditional drill!

The technology is really progressing. We now have powders which not only remove staining but also desensitise teeth. Our hygiene therapists Emma and Amy are able to clean your teeth like never before, as well as help reduce sensitivity. This is ideal if you have experienced recession of your gums.

Aquacare is really bringing on the concept of ‘contactless’ dentistry. There is no drill, no burs or brushes, just a powder/water mix blown through a fine nozzle a few millimetres away from the tooth.

For more information

If you’d like to find out more then don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team about what air polishing can do for you.

If you are a member of one of our Denplan membership schemes, Aquacare is included in your comprehensive care package.

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