Amy’s journey to embracing the brace! Part 2

21st March 2019

Day 1 with Braces
45 minutes… that’s all it took to fix my new brace – top and bottom! The nurse and Peter were super quick, and I didn’t feel a thing! I’m amazed and grateful for their gentle approach. Once completed I was asked to take a look, expecting to see nothing but braces filling the mirror, but I found myself drawing my reflection much closer. It’s so much less apparent than I had imagined. The rubber bands which help move the teeth into position are a pearly white and arguably make my teeth appear even whiter in contrast. Despite the appearance being discreet I certainly feel I have a mouthful at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll adjust in time.

The team advised me on how to clean my newly revamped teeth and how to manage any soreness during the first days of adjustment. With the brackets of my braces being white, I’m told of the risk of stains build up from certain foods and drinks but reassured there’s no need for complete avoidance. My morning coffee can remain on the menu… Phew!

Peter has again explained very clearly to expect some soreness initially as well as some tenderness from the teeth, but he reassured me, saying that this will ease over the first week. What’s more, he tells me it’s a clear sign that my teeth are on the move!

I certainly haven’t felt any immediate discomfort after the appointment. I left feeling really quite excited to show my braces off! I’m back for a review in 6-8 weeks but for now this is me for an estimated 12 months…

Next week we’ll bring you the final blog about Amy’s journey!

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