Amy’s journey to embracing the brace!

14th March 2019

Our dental therapist Amy Hardisty has recently undergone orthodontic treatment to straighten her teeth. She has kindly shared her thoughts during her four-month journey to smiling with confidence retold here and in our next two blogs.

Amy’s story
Many of us, sadly, are self-conscious about our image and I for one am no different. With so many quick fixes available nowadays I often caught myself contemplating ‘Do I need this?’ or ‘How might that work?’

Let’s face it, I only ever have myself to blame for those extra pounds gained but what about my crooked smile? One of the few things I can’t claim as self-inflicted. This quirk often meant I smiled with pursed lips, covered my mouth in a moment of laughter or I’d strategically position myself so only my good teeth were on show. Silly, I know, but all true.

As I write this, I’m ecstatic to be able to say that these self-conscious moments will soon be a thing of the past. I’ve chosen to get braces as a 30-something mum of two. And why not!

My story will give you my insight and experience of treatment with the friendly specialist team at Yorkshire Orthodontics (Coppice View’s orthodontic partner). If you can relate in any way to this, I hope it may inspire one of you to ‘embrace the brace’ at any time of life. I’m so excited to soon be smiling with absolute confidence!

Consultation Day
Today’s my first appointment with the orthodontist Peter Boyd. I’d anticipated feeling a little intimidated as one often does with specialists, but Peter and his nurse were both very welcoming and I was soon sharing all my thoughts about my teeth.

Photos and impressions were then taken followed by a single X-ray to check all my teeth for good health. I felt nervous about the outcome, but Peter was able to tell me there and then that my teeth were in good shape and that a number of teeth-straightening methods were available to me.

Treatment Plan Appointment
With all the options on the table and my concerns about having a brace that was noticeable, Peter suggested clear ceramic braces which would be fitted to the outside of the teeth. With this form only a fine metal wire would be visible. Magic! It ticked all my boxes and although under no pressure, I committed to treatment that day. I practically skipped to reception to book my next appointment. The buzz of finally doing something just for me isn’t something you experience often with having young children. I definitely felt I’d earned this self-indulgence.

Look out for the second part of Amy’s story, coming next week!

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