Charlotte’s journey – update

7th September 2022

As promised, here is an update on my experience with twin blocks. After a couple of weeks of wearing them I had some ulcers which were really sore, but the braces were adjusted slightly a couple of times and then they were so much better. Warm salt water rinses also helped.

I had my first follow up with the orthodontist a few weeks ago and he was really pleased with my progress. He could tell that I had been wearing the twin blocks most of the time because my overjet had reduced from 13mm to 6mm. I’m really happy to be making progress.

I have recently been on holiday and still managed to wear them most of the time. I take a plastic pot with me to put them in when I need to take them out to eat. I drink water most of the time and don’t snack so that I can leave them in the majority of the time. I carry a toothbrush and toothpaste in my bag all of the time too, so after eating I can brush my teeth and clean my twin blocks before putting them back in. Obviously, when they are not in your mouth, they can’t do their job!

One thing I have found is that it’s tricky smiling properly for photographs with them in, but I just do my best and it will be worth it at the end to have lovely straight teeth!

It’s important to still visit your normal dentist regularly whilst you’re having orthodontic treatment. They need to still check your teeth and gums are healthy.

I had my check up today and one of my baby teeth has been loose since before my last check up. It was wedged behind my adult canine tooth and so couldn’t fall out by itself. I was starting to get food stuck underneath it so my dentist suggested he pulled it out. He numbed the gum with some special gel, then I had a little injection which only hurt a tiny bit. The tooth came out really quickly and was not painful at all.

My next appointment will be with the orthodontist next month to review my progress.

This video includes Charlotte’s check up with Mike – another great film made by her brother, Thomas!

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