Dementia awareness

24th June 2019

Dementia is a topic that is very personal to us here at Coppice View. We have seen its profound effects on both patients that we care for and equally, on the people who care for those suffering with the condition.

We collectively felt that because we have been encountering dementia more and more we should have it as a specific area of training.

Towards the end of last year our team undertook Dementia Awareness training which provided huge insight into the various conditions and importantly, into how best to help provide the best service for those affected. We continue to build on our collective understanding of the problems faced by patients with dementia.

Whilst dementia can be a daunting and at times overwhelming condition, we continue to help many sufferers maintain good health and oral care, starting with simple preventative advice in a suitable, unhurried environment.

If you or someone you know has been affected by dementia and need help, support or advice about oral health then contact us to arrange a consultation.

Dementia awareness at Coppice View Dental Care in Harrogate
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