Dental care for older adults

22nd April 2016

The good news is that with advances in toothpaste formulation and an increased awareness of how to care for our teeth, more of us are keeping our natural teeth for longer.

However, as we age there are some conditions to be aware of:

  • Natural wear and tear! Be aware that your fillings will not last forever. A typical filling should last for 10-15 years, though we regularly see patients who’ve had theirs for 30 plus years!
  • Diseases such as mouth cancer or thrush. Ask your dentist to do a mouth cancer screen each time you have a routine examination.
  • Dry mouth can be caused by the reduction in saliva flow as we age, sometimes also a result of certain medications. If this latter is the case, ask your doctor if there is an alternative option they can prescribe. Drinking plenty of water and chewing sugar free gum will also help.
  • Root decay and tooth loss happen when your gums recede and the roots of your teeth become exposed. Make sure you pay extra attention to cleaning to the gum line.

As ever, some simple step can help to reduce the chance of a serious issue:

  • Brush with a fluoride-based toothpaste at least twice each day and particularly after eating. Speak to your dentist about toothpastes with higher fluoride content if they think you are at risk of problems.
  • Clean between your teeth at least once per day (we like the “Wisdom Clean Between” interdental brushes)
  • Have regular check ups with your dentist and schedule an appointment with your hygienist at least once each year


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