Dental Emergencies
Part 1 – Dental Injury

7th September 2017

Any injury to your teeth needs swift attention.

First of all, what should you do if you knock out a tooth?

Well, children’s ‘milk teeth’ that will be replaced by an adult tooth don’t need to be replanted, but if it’s an adult tooth that has been knocked out, you’ll need to try and ‘PICK IT, LICK IT, STICK IT!’. This excellent summary from our friends at Dental Trauma UK explains. Their website also has a lot more information and advice on dental injuries.

Save a knocked out tooth

Emergency appointments and out-of-hours advice

Don’t forget, at Coppice View Dental Care, we keep daily appointments free to cater for any emergencies, toothaches etc., but if you require advice outside of normal working hours, we operate an on-call rota with other practices in Harrogate and can be contacted on 07790 780 512.



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