Dental Emergencies Part 2 – Abscess and swelling

8th October 2017

A dental abscess is an infection from a diseased tooth. They can vary in severity, sometimes causing very few noticeable problems, usually causing pain, but on occasion they can be very severe and in extreme cases can even lead to serious problems.

Don’t leave it untreated!
In almost all situations, an abscess should not be left untreated. If you had a boil or swelling anywhere else on your body, you wouldn’t leave it, and it’s no different in your mouth. Your body is amazing and will do its best to fight off the infection but until the source of the problem has been removed, it’s likely the problem will persist and in most cases, will gradually worsen.

What about antibiotics?
Many times, we are asked if we can just prescribe antibiotics to treat abscesses. Antibiotics can still be useful in controlling more severe infections, but our priority is to eliminate the source of infection. This can sometimes mean the need for extraction of an offending tooth, or cleaning the internal part of the tooth to remove infected tissue (this is called Root Canal Treatment).

If you are in any doubt, you should consult your dentist for advice without delay.

Don’t forget, here at Coppice View Dental Care, we keep daily appointments free to cater for any emergencies, toothaches et.c, but if you require advice outside of normal working hours, we operate an on-call rota with other practices in Harrogate and can be contacted on 07790 780 512.


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