29th September 2020

Towards the end of last year, the whole team at Coppice View pledged to invest time and effort into exploring more eco-friendly options across all aspects of dentistry and dental care.

We implemented several changes through the practice, moving to a more environmentally friendly option where available.

Healthcare as a whole has never been particularly eco-friendly, particularly with the (understandable) drive towards more single-use items. I don’t think there’s any way around this – we all want to feel confident that we are safe when we visit the dentist, and this is our utmost priority.

The more recent changes as a result of Covid-19 have added further to the output of clinical and general waste we (and everyone) are producing so we must look for any other ways to fight back and promote environmentally sound choices in dental care.

We haven’t lost this focus despite everything else that is happening at the moment and continue to stock a range of eco-friendly dental products which we are happy to recommend.

The team carried out testing of a wide range of dental products and I posted reviews of some of them on our YouTube channel. This one is toothpaste tablets from Non Plastic Beach:

We’re always scanning the market for more eco-friendly options so if there’s any products you’ve seen and would like our opinion on then don’t hesitate to ask us – we love testing and reviewing things to help you make better choices.


Screenshot of eco dental product review
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