Electric or Manual toothbrush? What’s right for me?

9th April 2021

It’s something we get asked a lot. In short, both will work well as long as you use them correctly. We see many people getting on just fine with a manual brush, but in general our advice is nearly always to go electric.

Research shows that electric brushes are more effective at removing plaque (and that’s why we brush after all) so if you follow the science then there’s really no argument here. Shop around though. It’s well known that the leading manufacturers will always have their brushes “on offer”, but they rotate between the major retailers so if a particular brush is full price somewhere it’ll be half price in a different supermarket or online retailer.

Spend only as much as you feel comfortable with. The top of the range brushes have Bluetooth functionality and the latest Oral B offering will even try to work out whether you’ve brushed your whole mouth, but these are extras that you may not necessarily need.

Whichever brush you choose, make sure it’s fully charged (stick to rechargeable and avoid battery powered brushes as they lose power very quickly) and remember to change the brush head regularly too – you’ll be surprised how much better a new head feels.

Our dental team at Coppice View can help advise you on the best choice if you’re unsure, just call or email us for advice.


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