‘Flossing’s no good, so I’m not going to bother…’

23rd June 2017

A little while ago many of you may have picked up on the story about dental floss; how it had been proven to be of little benefit and so perhaps we shouldn’t bother any more. I’ve certainly had a few clients who have rejoiced that they no longer need to make an effort to clean between their teeth.

As ever, it’s really not that simple… The story came about when a clinical study reported that no measurable difference had been noted between a group of flossers and a group of non-flossers. We’re not going to get too hung up on the clinical data in this blog but we can’t help but think that cleaning between your teeth is a pretty obvious thing to do. We haven’t seen any reports suggesting that taking a shower or bath is advisable, but we’re pretty sure it’s a good idea! If you prefer to floss, then go for it, it will do no harm, and removing stagnating food just has to be a good thing, right?

However, before we debate flossing too much, it’s important to note that the benefits of cleaning between your teeth using interdental brushes are now well proven, so at Coppice View we would generally far prefer you use these as your go-to option. Ask us to show you which is best for you, there are so many makes and sizes available!

Our dentists and dental hygienist/therapists are on hand to help advise and you can even come and see our hygienists without seeing a dentist first, if you prefer.


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