Be on guard for the Easter Bunny!

24th March 2016

Most of us like Easter, some perhaps, for the haul of chocolate that usually appears at this time of year. On checking with our patients last year about how much chocolate they received, thirteen Easter eggs was the record. They were delighted of course and luckily enough they have very healthy teeth, which are brushed regularly and a (normally) fairly sensible diet. The thirteen eggs (which were still lasting into the summer holidays when I checked) didn’t appear to be causing too much harm, but as most of us are aware, too much chocolate is definitely not a good thing.

I say that as a dentist, but with the rise in childhood obesity it’s clearly a concern we should all have.


OK, maybe a bit. But a few things you should know…..

* The darker the chocolate and the higher cocoa content the better. This typically means less sugar and research indicates that there may be other health benefits too. Cheaper, more sugary products will do far more harm.

* Avoid eggs with fondants or caramels as these are more damaging than chocolate. Again, sugar is the issue here.

* Whether you brush your teeth after eating chocolate has a big say on what effect it will have on your teeth. You know my view on this one…..

Thirteen eggs is too many as I’m sure you’d agree…… Think before you go “spoiling” little ones…. Are you really being kind to them by overloading them with chocolate??? Would a different type of “treat” be a better option?

With one in three kids who start school suffering from tooth decay, it’s really important to think twice as Easter approaches.


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