How to get the most from your mouthwash

2nd August 2016

In recent blogs I’ve emphasised the need for us all to have a good, regular oral care regime. This week I’d like to focus on one particular aspect – that of mouthwash and how to help you to maximise its effectiveness. Please note that we’re looking at mouthwashes that can be bought over the counter rather than those prescribed by a doctor. The jury is still very much out on mouthwashes and there isn’t too much research to back up the need for it, but there are a few products which can be very useful to support the other essential elements of oral care (brushing twice a day, cleaning between your teeth daily).

The right mouthwash, properly used, can be beneficial in making the mouth feel clean and fresh. I suggest following these simple steps to get the very most from your product:

* There are two main types of mouthwash which can be of benefit; those containing fluoride and those containing chlorhexidine.

* Choosing an anti-bacterial mouthwash with fluoride should assist in preventing decay but don’t use it immediately after brushing – the spitting action will wash away the fluoride that your toothpaste has left on your teeth. A good time to use a fluoride mouthwash would be say after lunch (or any other time when perhaps you might not be brushing your teeth for a while).

* A chlorhexidine mouthwash can be useful for treating “gingivitis” or bleeding gums, but remember, if your gums are bleeding then you should check with your dentist to find out why this is happening. Again, you should use this at a separate time to brushing.

* Use 20ml of mouthwash each time, swishing the liquid around your mouth and gargling for around 30 seconds and then spit

* To get the most of the product, wait 30 minutes before eating, drinking or smoking

Many of you will have come across a mouthwash called Corsodyl (which contains chlorhexidine) but here at Coppice View we recommend a different mouthwash called “Curasept” which does the same thing but doesn’t stain your teeth in the way Corsodyl can. This is available from our reception so if you’re in the area do pop in – it’s not necessary to be registered as a patient. As with everything dental, if you’re unsure, or have a problem that isn’t settling, let us know – we’re here to help.


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