Implants at Coppice View

21st June 2024

Dental implants have long been regarded as the “gold standard” to replace a missing tooth but now they are also becoming the most popular choice as well.

A missing tooth can mean different things to different people – if you are about to lose a tooth or have recently lost one, you may well be keen to replace it as quickly as possible. The majority of our implant cases come about at the time of, or shortly after losing an important tooth. To be honest, almost all teeth are important but sometimes they are important because of function, other times because of appearance.

What the gap means to you

A lot of patients are also now paying attention to gaps that have been there for longer; you may not be aware that if you have a gap, the neighbouring teeth will tip, drift and grow into the space that remains… The longer you have the gap for, the greater the risk of problems. Movement of the teeth can result in difficult areas to clean, increased risks of decay and gum problems and can also cause issues with your bite.

Our implant services

We are lucky to have two dentists at the practice able to provide dental implant treatment here at Coppice View. Craig Parker and Phil Woods both employ a digital workflow, so with the use of 3D scans of your teeth and jaws we can visualise in detail how to plan each case before we begin.

If you have a gap that’s been bothering you, even if it’s been there for several years, there may well be something we can do to improve the situation. As ever, speaking to one of our team at the practice is the first place to start so please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.


3D rendering implant model jaw
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