Looking for toothpastes with no flavour or foam?

15th December 2023

We are regularly asked for recommendations of toothpastes that don’t taste minty, or don’t froth up; a lot of kids find brushing a challenge as they aren’t keen on the traditional pastes. Well, our resident product tester/reviewer Charlotte has kindly done a little road test for a couple of low/no-mint toothpastes for those of you looking for a non-minty option.

Charlotte tested TePe Daily Kids toothpaste and found it was very mild with a nice blue colour but with a lower than ideal level of fluoride. It is SLS free (which means it doesn’t foam) and has some flavour which may or may not go down well if you’re looking for something less strong. Charlotte quite liked this one and recommends it, with the caveat that the 1000ppm fluoride content is lower than the recommended 1400ppm we would usually suggest. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem for younger children though.

She also tested out the Unflavoured Tepe Pure toothpaste. This has no flavour and again with no SLS it doesn’t foam. It does have the higher 1450ppm fluoride content which is great. Charlotte didn’t feel like it was doing much without any flavour or foam but if you’re looking for something completely bland (and this is exactly what some people are looking for) then this would definitely be worth a try.


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