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9th September 2016

It was great to see the very visible show of mouthguards worn by the Team GB Women’s Hockey team in Rio, and a reminder that it’s that time of year again! As we get into a new academic year, our thoughts turn to sports mouthguards and we’ve already had a lot of enquiries in preparation for the term’s rugby, hockey, lacrosse and even roller derby activities!

We can’t stress enough just how important a well-fitting, professionally made custom mouthguard is to protect your teeth during contact sports. Most sports organisations now (rightly) demand that mouthguards are worn to participate, but we still see a lot of off-the-shelf heat moulded gumshields being worn. These poorly fitting mouthguards are often unfit for purpose and the one time when they might really be needed may well be the time they let you down.

A mouthguard will usually only take a week or so to make, so drop us a line to find out more or to book an impression-taking appointment (it’s painless and only takes a few minutes). Our mouthguards come in a huge range of colours and designs, and start at £54.50.


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