Options for replacing a missing tooth

3rd March 2017


There are many good reasons to replace a missing tooth. These include: Improving the overall appearance of your smile (especially if at the front of the mouth); assisting with your bite so as not to put too much strain on surrounding teeth and reducing the risk of gum disease – this can be caused when food gets trapped in the gap left by a missing tooth or if the other teeth tip into the new gap, making them more difficult to clean.

A number of options exist for replacing teeth:

A denture.

This is a removable appliance and can be for one or more teeth. The replacement tooth (usually made from acrylic) is fitted to a plastic (or plastic and metal) base which is removable for cleaning. Dentures are usually fairly straightforward to make, and provide a cost-effective way to fill a single or multiple gaps.

A bridge.

This works well when there are fewer missing teeth but its use is dependent on the surrounding teeth being strong enough to support it. The bridge is usually made up of two (or more) caps which are fitted to the teeth either side of the gap and a false tooth (or teeth) joining them together. Often a bridge can place more pressure on the supporting teeth which isn’t ideal, but they offer a sturdy fixed solution rather than a removable denture, which many people prefer.

A dental implant.

This is more and more the treatment of choice out of the three alternatives. The implant comprises a titanium screw placed into the jawbone, replacing the tooth’s root. A false tooth is attached to this to provide a fixed tooth replacement. Implants are a popular choice, often because they provide a stand-alone option that does not usually have any negative impact on any surrounding teeth. Implants can be used for anything from a single missing tooth, to supporting a complete denture.

As ever, a consultation with your dentist will identify which option will work best for you.


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