Pre-school children should never have extractions

19th February 2016

It was good to see that concerns over children’s dental health are getting a bit more coverage recently (albeit only on regional TV – Look North Yorkshire). Although it’s a pretty sorry tale, it appears that FINALLY the message might be starting to get through.

You don’t need to be a professional researcher to see just how big a problem tooth decay is in the UK and when it is impacting on young children (who have very little control or say over their diet), it is even more shocking. Whichever way you look at it, be it the fact that children’s extractions under general anaesthetic are occupying so much hospital time, or on a more human note, that so many kids are being subjected to a fairly awful experience at such a young age, it’s hard to understand why the nation as a whole isn’t up in arms about it.

Decay is a 100% completely preventable disease and with a little care, should mean that pre-school children never have to have extractions. I read this recently, which I thought summed things up quite well; “Brush your teeth twice a day like you mean it, no sugar between meals. That’s it”.

At Coppice View we ensure all children receive preventative advice and education as standard; we spend time to make sure things are how they should be for every child. We’re lucky here in Harrogate, we see perhaps only one or two young children a year (maybe not even that) who need extractions, but it’s surprising how many well intentioned parents still find it difficult to keep on top of the their children’s dental health.

We have advice sheets for children of all ages so even if you have never been to our practice please do drop a line to if you would like advice or to find out what you should be doing/not doing to keep your child smiling

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