Resolutions (and you can guess what this is about!)

5th January 2016

We’ve all made them and we never keep them. Often because, in truth, we don’t really see or feel a benefit straight away and of course if we don’t notice a difference then what’s the point, right?

Well, if I were to make a suggestion for a resolution for 2016 (and you can probably guess it’s going to be a dental-related one can’t you?) it would be to make a proper effort to look after your teeth (and I mean SERIOUSLY this time, okay?).

January sales mean a whole raft of cheap(er) electric toothbrushes just waiting to be snapped up, and now that current evidence shows us that the Oral B electric brushes are becoming recognised as the most effective way to keep your teeth clean, there’s really no better time to get one. If you can go all out and start using interdental brushes (we like the Wisdom Clean-Betweens) DAILY then you’re really home and dry. Cut down on sugars and snacking and you’ll have very little need for us here at Coppice View. We’re educating hundreds of people a year in how to better look after their teeth so that we don’t have to. Sound good? So how about a resolution then…….

Small changes, healthy smile. What could be simpler? A very Happy New Year to you all.


(And in case you’re wondering, MY resolution is to get fit (again) and to try and take part in a triathlon or two…. I’d love to hear yours…)

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