Smoking reaches a new price high…..

20th May 2016

I was really interested to read about the recent proposals by the Australian government to raise duty on cigarettes to a level that would see down-under smokers paying in the region of £23 per packet. As a non-smoker and someone who spends a good deal of time explaining to patients about the problems and damage it causes, I’m hugely in favour of this, but wonder what reaction it might be met with in the UK. I can’t tell whether it’s just a fairly audacious tax-hike (cynical, moi?), or whether they see it as an obvious public health message to send. I’m hoping it’s the latter and will be watching with interest as the change is phased in over the next couple of years.

It’s so undisputed that smoking has a huge impact on oral and dental health, as well as so many other aspects of your general health, that it’s really time to get tough. I see many patients who can’t stop but we can help at least fight against or slow down the damage smoking causes. In most cases we see a gradual reduction in the amount people smoke even if they don’t stop altogether. We’re here to help with stopping smoking and are always happy to discuss in as much or little detail as you need (in a non-judgemental way), how you can cut down or even stop.


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