The effects of smoking on your dental health

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The effects of smoking on your dental health

28th January 2020

We offer a comprehensive range of services to support patients who want to improve their oral health, one of which is help to quit smoking.

There are lots of good reasons to stop smoking, but let’s consider those that relate to your mouth. If you smoke

  • The likelihood of developing mouth cancer increases significantly
  • Your breath will smell of stale smoke for hours after each cigarette (just because you don’t taste it anymore doesn’t mean the smell’s not there!)
  • Your teeth will be highly prone to staining – yellow in the first instance then going brown after a period of years. Tooth whitening will offer an improvement but if you continue to smoke, the stains will return.

And some facts that you should be aware of:

  • So-called ‘fresh breath’ products such as mouth washes can disguise the smell of smoke to an extent but will not eradicate it
  • If you smoke, you are up to six times more likely to develop gum disease and potentially experience tooth loss. This is due to the detrimental effect the habit has on the body’s immune system
  • People with mouth cancer are more likely to die than those having cervical cancer or melanoma skin cancer

How can we help?

In the first instance, as part of your routine examination, we will thoroughly assess your cheeks, tongue and throat for any signs that further investigation is required. We look for anything that seems out of the ordinary, but if you notice something unusual yourself (such as ulcers that don’t heal or white/red patches) then you should seek dental advice as soon as possible.

In addition, our Dental Therapist, Amy, is on hand to offer guidance on the best ways to quit, and to help manage any smoking-related problems that you may experience.


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