The mouth ulcer low down

23rd December 2015

And sometimes, they really can get you down low!

If you’ve ever suffered from mouth ulcers, or worse, if you’re regularly afflicted by them, you’ll know how debilitating these painful sores can be.
There are a number of causes for mouth ulcers – it could be that you’ve bitten your cheek or tongue, that you have a sharp tooth that’s rubbed, or that your dentures aren’t fitting properly. We call these ‘traumatic’ ulcers. Infections can also be the reason; either viral or bacterial and sometimes, ulcers can be a sign of a more serious disease. Ulcers are still not fully understood, but it’s important to seek professional advice from your dentist to help guide you.

There are lots of topical treatments that can be bought without prescription, and although none will make the ulcer go away, some can help provide relief from the pain or discomfort they cause. Our current favourite is “Iglu”, but usually it’s a case of trying out what works best for you.

It has been reported that avoiding toothpastes that contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) can sometimes help significantly. A friend of the practice had been suffering from increasingly severe ulcers when she was advised to switch to Sensodyne Daily Care. That was nearly a year ago and now, other than the occasional sore caused by inadvertent gum biting, she’s ulcer free! Well worth a go.

If you are in any doubt and especially if you’ve had an ulcer for more than 3 weeks, please do consult your dentist. We’re here to help.

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