The pitfalls of ethical choices…. What are you looking for and WHY?

7th January 2021

After a recent discussion I was prompted to update you on a topic that I’m not sure receives enough coverage – ethical products and their effectiveness.

What are you looking for?

We’ve been putting some time into looking at some of the more ethically driven choices when it comes to dental products; I’m conscious that more and more of us are looking to choose products that are a little more eco-friendly, or perhaps cruelty-free. We’ve been trialling a few options ourselves but I’m mindful that when choosing a product, it’s important not to be drawn away from the key aim of the thing you’re looking for. In terms of floss or interdental brushes this might mean working out if they are as effective as conventional products in cleaning your teeth.

The importance of fluoride

One key area is that of toothpaste choice. It must be remembered that the primary function of toothpaste is to ensure application of fluoride (which is what hardens enamel and protects against decay). There are many “ethical” toothpastes but it’s so important to check if they contain a suitable level of fluoride (look for 1450ppm or higher).

Without fluoride, you may still have a fresh-feeling mouth, but no protection from decay. A quick check of the product information/labelling should tell you what’s in there.

We can help

There are many ethical choices which are suitable for use but as ever caution and attention to detail are key when making these choices. If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our professionals here at Coppice View.


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