What exactly is a crown?

21st February 2017

As the name suggests, a crown is a cap that is fixed permanently over the top of an existing tooth.

When might I need a crown?

A crown is an ideal way to repair a badly broken tooth or one that has become decayed and lost a lot of its natural structure. They’re also useful in cases where a root filling needs protecting or to hold a bridge or denture in place.

What are they made of?

Dependent on the specific requirement, your dentist could recommend one of a range of materials for your crown, each of which has its own features and benefits.

Crowns are most commonly made from ceramic or porcelain. These crowns offer both excellent strength and have the appearance of a natural tooth.

Another option is a metallic crown which can be silver or gold in colour. This can be made from a mixture of gold and/or metal alloys and will be very hard wearing. We use these less often but your dentist will explain to you which will be best for your situation.

What’s involved in fitting a crown?

Here at Coppice View we often use the CEREC procedure which involves only one visit for our patients – a crown can be made and fitted on the same day.

With the CEREC process a camera takes a series of digital images of the tooth which are converted into a 3D computerised image. This is used as the basis for the restorative work. The data is sent to the CEREC milling machine which fabricates the crown from a ceramic material – the colour of which will be chosen to match your other teeth. The dentist will then polish or glaze the crown to fine-tune the colour and then cement it into place. The length of time for this procedure will differ between patients, but is typically around 90 minutes.

How long should I expect my crown to last?

The life any span of your crown will be dependent on many factors, including your dental hygiene regime and factors such as types of food eaten (lots of hard sweets will not help!) and whether you drink or smoke – these add to the risk of tooth decay.

What will it cost?

As with most bespoke procedures, costs vary with the position and size of crown, the material used and the complexity of having it fitted. Your dentist will be able to provide you with an estimate.


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