What is Value? – part 2

22nd January 2016

I was talking about value in a recent blog and it made me think a little more….

We decided that “value” was more important than “cheapness”, but it got me wondering about what value people put on their own dental health, never mind whether they thought certain types of dental care represented good value.

A lot of times, people might say “Well, I don’t want to spend any money on my teeth”, and I’m fine with that. I get it, I mean I don’t really spend a great deal of money on my hair, and if you’ve met me you’ll see why. There are some people with fab hair who also have fab teeth. There are also some with no hair who have teeth too. There are also loads of people with fab hair who have bad teeth. I’m always a bit puzzled by this. Often it’s not about the cost of looking after your teeth but more about how a person values their teeth.

Me, I’m happy to have no hair as long as my teeth are healthy. I’m not sure I’d be happy if it was the other way round….

At Coppice View we try to make our dental care as accessible as possible, with several different payment options based around low monthly membership plans so that there’s always a simple low-cost way to see our experienced dentists and ensure you can maintain or improve that smile that we hope you value so much.


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