Why are my teeth crowding together?

4th February 2020

It’s a question we get asked a lot – more and more people are noticing that their teeth are looking quite crowded at the front.

It’s something that happens to most people to some degree. Over your lifetime your teeth will tend to drift forward, causing things to bunch up and look crowded. There’s not much you can do to stop it and generally things will normally get worse rather than better. It happens so slowly that you won’t really notice it, but if you compared yourself now to a picture of how your teeth were in the past it might surprise you.

Are my wisdom teeth to blame?
This is the second question that often follows about crowding. We are frequently asked whether removing wisdom teeth (if you have them – not everyone does) will stop the teeth from crowding further. Sadly, it doesn’t really make much difference. It’s something of a myth that wisdom teeth “push” the teeth forward. They certainly don’t help but it is very rare that a dentist would consider removing wisdom teeth to prevent crowding.

Should I do something about it?
It depends how much it bothers you. To correct crowding you would almost always need to consider orthodontic treatment (we have information about this in our Blogs and on our website). What I would tell anyone is that as time goes on, the more difficult it will be to correct, so it’s worth considering whether now might be the right time to take action.

Orthodontic treatment isn’t for everyone, but we’d be happy to discuss it with you here at Coppice View.


Crowding of the teeth of the lower jaw of a young man
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