Yorkshire Orthodontics has arrived at Coppice View!

21st June 2018

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of Yorkshire Orthodontics who are now providing bespoke, specialist orthodontic care here at Coppice View Dental Care in Harrogate.

Orthodontics is an area that has seen a surge in popularity across all ages. More and more people are turning to orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth, often correcting long-standing problems that they wish they had sorted out years ago.

Why Yorkshire Orthodontics?

Fitting very well with Coppice View’s own patient care ethos, one of Yorkshire Orthodontics’ highly trained specialists will undertake every aspect of your care, from initial planning, to the placing of the orthodontic appliances and all subsequent reviews. This is in contrast to many orthodontic practices where contact with the specialist is fleeting, with assistants and therapists undertaking most of the work.

An individual plan will be tailored to your specific needs and the full range of orthodontic options will be presented for your consideration.

Yorkshire Orthodontics would be delighted to arrange an initial consultation. This can be done by calling Coppice View’s reception on 01423 503 428 but should you have any queries or would just like to chat about orthodontic treatment in general, then please feel free to speak to Kelly, our orthodontic coordinator here at the practice.

More information about Yorkshire Orthodontics can be found here and for more information about orthodontics, the Oral Health Foundation website has a useful summary.


Orthodontic Services at Coppice View Dental Care in Harrogate
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