If you have one, two, or more teeth missing in a row and would like them replaced, there are several options available to you.

On our Dental implants page, you will find details about realistic, permanent replacements for one or more missing teeth. A further alternative is dentures, which we can also help with.

Another option is a bridge. As the name suggests, this involves replacing a missing tooth with a false tooth which is bonded to the natural teeth on either side of the gap. There are three types of bridge:

Fixed bridge:

The most common option is a fixed bridge, consisting of two crowns that fit over the teeth on either side of the gap (the anchor teeth). The crowns are bonded to the artificial teeth in between. To install the bridge the anchor teeth must be filed down and root canal treatment may need to be carried out.

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Implant-supported bridge:

If you don’t have sturdy teeth on either side of the gap, a bridge that is supported by implants is the most suitable option. Implants replace the anchor teeth, with artificial teeth in between.

Bonded bridge:

Instead of crowns being used for the anchor teeth, a bonded bridge is used to fill single gaps. Small wings of metal are bonded to the artificial tooth and adjacent teeth. The advantage of a bonded bridge is that you don’t have to sacrifice your good teeth.

Which treatment is best for me?

We will discuss with you which is the most suitable alternative to replace your missing tooth or teeth and restore your smile. This decision will usually depend on:

  • which option best suits your mouth and lifestyle
  • the number of teeth that are missing
  • Your budget

What’s next?

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