Charlotte’s orthodontic journey

21st June 2022

Our patient, Charlotte, aged 11, has kindly agreed to share her experience of having Twin Block braces fitted. Over the next few months we will be bringing you updates, all written by Charlotte. ‘My main problem is my top teeth stick out which is called an overjet. At my first appointment theorthodontist took some measurements […]

A fresh start for your smile

13th June 2022

Since the Covid restrictions have eased I’ve been surprised at how many people have decided that it’s time to do something about the things that have always bothered them about their smile. This has included tooth whitening and straightening but also a lot more requests for improvements to heavily filled, discoloured or mis-shaped teeth. It […]

The effects of smoking on your dental health

6th June 2022

With the uptake in vaping and the ever-increasing awareness of the damage that smoking can do, the proportion of people in the UK who smoke continues to decrease. The Office of National Statistics advises that in 1974 a whopping 46% of the population smoked, a figure that by 2020 had decreased to 14%. Despite this […]

Fitness, training and oral health

26th May 2022

Spring is definitely here now, and for me that means dusting down the bike and the trainers and trying to shake off some of the winter timber. At this time of year, we’re seeing patients who take their fitness and training a whole lot more seriously than I do…. Where’s it going wrong? Sure, they’re […]

Wisdom teeth – what’s the point?

11th May 2022

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are normally the last teeth to appear in our mouths. This most commonly happens between the ages of 17 and 25, hence their name. These teeth have quite a bad reputation and to some extent it’s fair. For a lot of people, they can be no problem and in fact […]

Is this an abscess?

6th May 2022

An abscess is one of the more common dental problems, sometimes difficult to deal with, other times straightforward, but ALWAYS better treated early. A dental abscess is a bacterial infection that can arise in the gum or in the bone surrounding a tooth. They sometimes appear as smooth lumps or swellings in the gum, other […]

Sensitivity – Why are my teeth so sensitive and what can be done?

11th April 2022

Tooth sensitivity is something we’re frequently asked about by our patients. Painful twinges can be felt when teeth are exposed to air or when consuming hot, cold, sweet, or acidic drinks or foods. There are several causes for this condition (called dentine sensitivity) and one or more of them may apply to you. What is […]

Air Polishing is Back!

6th April 2022

Since Covid restrictions have lifted, our hygienist, Amy, has been able to start using our AirFlow air polisher again. This is a device that uses a water/powder spray to polish away staining and give teeth a real sparkle. It’s a simple pain-free procedure that removes, or in the case of very stubborn stains, significantly reduces, […]

Stress and its impact on your dental health

16th March 2022

About a year ago I wrote about stress and how it can impact your dental health. This was when for various (mainly Covid-related) reasons many people were experiencing more stress than usual. In general terms, stress is regarded as having negative effects on our wellbeing, including, you might not be surprised to hear, on our […]

Why is interdental cleaning so important?

14th March 2022

Interdental cleaning – cleaning between your teeth – is one of the key areas that will define your dental health for years to com. So why aren’t we talking about it more? Well, we’re talking about it at Coppice View in Harrogate that’s for sure! In fact, it’s the thing we talk about most with […]

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