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Which toothpaste is right for me?

14th January 2022

It’s probably time we briefly revisited this topic as it continues to come up regularly in discussion with our patients at Coppice View Dental Care. Toothpastes are big business as anyone who’s been confronted by the wall of options available in any supermarket nowadays will agree. There are so many products and brands, most coming […]

Does working from home present a dental problem?

7th January 2022

For many people, working from home now feels fairly normal and there are certainly many positives to be had. At Coppice View Dental Care we’ve noticed some surprising variations in our patients’ dental health since lockdown back in March 2020 and thought it might be useful to share our views on this. The good Well, […]

Healthy eating at school? It’s worth considering!

9th December 2021

Whilst some schools try to promote healthy eating (and even send out messages claiming that they review packed lunches to make sure they don’t contain certain items) the reality appears to be quite different. School dinners can be quite hit and miss – whilst many will attempt to offer a balanced meal, there will often […]

Is a root canal painful?

12th November 2021

The phrase ‘Root Canal Treatment’ stills seems to instil dread amongst a lot of our clients, so we’d like to put your minds at rest – it really is a straight-forward, relatively pain-free procedure. Root canal treatment is used to treat infection at the centre of a tooth caused by significant decay, injury or for […]

5 tips for a healthy mouth

29th October 2021

You’ll probably know most of these tips but perhaps you might find a new hint that could help give you a healthier mouth! After you’ve brushed your teeth, spit but don’t rinse – let the fluoride do its work! To ensure that smaller children are cleaning their teeth for the correct length of time, sing […]

What to do if your tooth is knocked out

7th September 2021

The good news is that in many cases a tooth that’s been knocked out can be saved. Here we look at what to do if either an adult or a baby has lost a tooth. If it’s an adult tooth that’s been knocked out, there are three easy to remember steps: Pick it Pick the […]

In stock! Recyclable brush heads for Oral B electric toothbrushes!

17th August 2021

Finally, we’ve been able to get our hands on these recyclable brush heads from LiveCoco. We’ve been offering our recycling service for manual toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and packaging for a while now but many of our patients are using Oral B electric brushes, whose heads we can’t recycle. The move towards recycling and sustainability in […]

No Use Crying Over Spilt Plant Based Milk Alternatives

8th June 2021

Whether it be for lifestyle choices, intolerance to cows’ milk or just preference; plant based milkalternatives such as soy, oat or almond milk are gaining widespread popularity. So how mightthese alternatives affect your teeth? We all know cows’ milk is a good source of calcium and vitamin D, which play an important rolein the development […]

Electric or Manual toothbrush? What’s right for me?

9th April 2021

It’s something we get asked a lot. In short, both will work well as long as you use them correctly. We see many people getting on just fine with a manual brush, but in general our advice is nearly always to go electric. Research shows that electric brushes are more effective at removing plaque (and […]

Covid-19 – Why is my dentist so busy?

25th March 2021

Whilst we feel we’ve managed to catch up on a lot of the things that were put back during 2020, every day we’re reminded that there are still a large number of our patients whom we haven’t yet seen since before March last year. Those who have booked an appointment recently may well have noticed […]

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