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Dementia awareness

24th June 2019

Dementia is a topic that is very personal to us here at Coppice View. We have seen its profound effects on both patients that we care for and equally, on the people who care for those suffering with the condition. We collectively felt that because we have been encountering dementia more and more we should […]

Coppice View is your favourite Harrogate dentist (or so we hear!)

12th June 2019

We’re delighted to report that Coppice View appears to be one of your favourite Harrogate dentists! This is in the view of the “Three Best Rated” website which helps to identify the top businesses in a specific geographic area. We have found ourselves in the ‘Best Dentist in Harrogate’ section, listed as one of the […]

Leading the way in environmentally friendly dentistry

28th May 2019

Recently we’ve been giving a lot of thought to the environmental impact of our day-to-day practice. We’re all more than aware that we need to be doing everything we can to help our natural environment. The good news is that we’re already doing our bit. For example, by using digital radiography there is no requirement […]

Improving your smile with Invisalign® Go

20th May 2019

Many of us are reserved about smiling due to concerns about showing our teeth. Some people have even forgotten how to smile and refrain from having their photographs taken due to the sheer embarrassment of showing their teeth. ‘False smiling’ or smiling while you’re unhappy, has been connected with increased anxiety and decreased social confidence. […]

Amy’s journey to embracing the brace! Part 3

26th March 2019

1 week after treatment So, my first week with my braces. It’s been disappointingly unremarkable. I walked out of the clinic expecting my braces to be the featured topic of conversation amongst friends and family this week, but how wrong I was. The irony of having to point out to nearest and dearest that I […]

Amy’s journey to embracing the brace! Part 2

21st March 2019

Day 1 with Braces 45 minutes… that’s all it took to fix my new brace – top and bottom! The nurse and Peter were super quick, and I didn’t feel a thing! I’m amazed and grateful for their gentle approach. Once completed I was asked to take a look, expecting to see nothing but braces […]

Amy’s journey to embracing the brace!

14th March 2019

Our dental therapist Amy Hardisty has recently undergone orthodontic treatment to straighten her teeth. She has kindly shared her thoughts during her four-month journey to smiling with confidence retold here and in our next two blogs. Amy’s story Many of us, sadly, are self-conscious about our image and I for one am no different. With […]

Coppice View team update

29th January 2019

Now 2019 is in full swing we thought we’d update you on the latest developments here at Coppice View. Gwyneth takes on a new challenge: Following her maternity leave, Gwyneth will be relocating to a practice closer to home in Leeds. She leaves you with the following message: “As you might have heard already, I […]

Mouth Cancer Awareness

26th October 2018

November means Mouth Cancer Awareness month; it’s time to remind everyone of how important it is to be vigilant for changes in the mouth. With over 7000 cases of mouth cancer diagnosed in the UK every year, it’s becoming a significant issue. There are several key risk factors which are set out in the Mouth […]

Types of ‘invisible’ braces

20th September 2018

Dental braces are commonly used to align and straighten teeth or position them to improve a person’s ‘bite’. Though traditional metal-wired braces are still widely used, there are now a range of alternatives that offer a less obtrusive solution. Lingual braces The only truly ‘invisible’ option is lingual braces. These are custom-made braces fitted to […]

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